Dream: August 9, 2014

I was a guest on the Live Tim and Eric Show. Hannah and I both were and we were first sitting on stage with them playing along with silly stuff… at one point I forgot my cue and spaced out and turned to look back at everyone and I’d missed a bite of a sandwich or something.

After our interview on stage Hannah and I were wanting around and found Martin Starr who was a sundae bartender. We went up and told him we were fans and then I asked what’s the weirdest thing someone has ordered. He seemed to enjoy that. Then Tim forgot we were supposed to be on stage again and rushed to get us costumes but I couldn’t find anywhere to change except a tiny room whose curtains were tiny silk scarves.

Then I was strolling through a wooded area arm in arm with Adam Scott and he was smoking. He remarked on how he shouldn’t  be smoking and I said something like, “it’s like how Obama does; it’s sexy” and then he fell into a stream and went over a waterfall. 

Also had a dream about becoming fast friends with Maggie Gyllenhaal. We were bonding on a photo set and it was kind of magical, we got along so well.